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Every meal concludes with a Thai dessert, prepared in various authentic Thai styles by our own kitchen, ensuring quality and creating lasting memories of a special dining experience


Savor the timeless Thai dessert with a special and refreshing twist. Tiny, round sago pearls bounce with chewiness, bathed in pandan leaf-infused water until they shine with the color of jade. They are then coated with large, luscious strawberries, delicately mixed with freshly grated coconut. When you take a bite, the vibrant red of the strawberries contrasts beautifully with the translucent pearls. The taste is a harmonious blend of sweet and crispy textures, coming together as one, just like the smoothness of a precious jade gem. This dessert is the perfect way to end a meal, and you'll always crave just one more bite.

โอ้เอ๋วลาเวนเดอร์น้ำผึ้ง กับมะกรูดเชื่อม

Indulge in the refreshing flavors of "Oh Aew," a local jelly dessert from Phuket Province. Our special twist includes a drizzle of honeydew melon syrup, enhancing its delightful coolness. It not only beats the heat but also benefits your digestive system. Elevate the taste of your "Oh Aew" with the kaffir lime zest that we carefully peel, removing any bitterness. The zest infuses a sweet and slightly bitter flavor that dances on your taste buds. Crushed ice adds an extra touch of refreshing delight to your favorite dessert. Enjoy!

บุหลันดั้นเมฆ กับไอศครีมกะทิสด

Introducing the "Bulan Dan Mek" dessert, a treasured Thai delicacy from the reign of King Rama II, known for its rarity. Fragrant with the aroma of blue butterfly pea flowers, this sweet treat resembles the evening sky, captivating hearts like a bright moon in the night. Comprised of sweet red egg yolks, served alongside fresh and fragrant coconut ice cream. This is an opportunity not easily found; if you wish to savor the taste of this ancient Thai dessert, don't miss your chance.


Soft, aromatic, sweet, and savory all coalesce within a single bowl. KHAO's Pla Grim Kai Tao dessert is perfected by the gentle kiss of fragrant coconut smoke. Once, these treats were served separately but often enjoyed together, affectionately known as "Khanom Chang Ma." The Pla Grim dessert features caramelized palm sugar, while the Kai Tao dessert consists of spherical, fluffy egg yolks bathed in rich coconut cream. Together, they evoke the sweet memories of the past.

Som Chun

Named for the pungent aroma of pickled lychees, Som Chun is a traditional Thai dessert mentioned in King Rama II's “Kap He Chom Khrueang Khao Wan.” This refreshing treat features a medley of seasonal fruits in sweet syrup, accompanied by finely sliced ginger and crispy fried shallots. The dish is elevated by the sour-sweet zest and aromatic fragrance of som sa (bitter orange), making it perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

Caramel Custard with Orange Honey Sorbet

Our Thai sangkaya custard, balanced with caramelized sugar, offers a fragrant pandan-infused sweetness. Paired with refreshing Orange Honey Sorbet made from 100% pure orange juice, it delivers a delightful contrast of flavors. The addition of candied orange slices provides an extra burst of taste, making it a customer favorite at Khao.