Our Menu

Enhance every meal with refreshing and unique Thai fruit and herb-based beverages, specially crafted by our restaurant. Elevate your dining experience to its fullest dimension

Makhong Martini

Awaken your senses with this distinctive beverage that exudes an enticing aroma. This is a Thai-style Martini featuring "Khao" signature Thai herbal liquor, reminiscent of the Mae Khong River. The drink starts with a blend of the herbal liquor and ice before separating the ice. We then mix the herbal liquor with tamarind and coffee, creating a delightful harmony of sweet and bitter flavors. It's garnished with dried tamarind for that extra touch of uniqueness. This Martini is a wake-up call for your taste buds and a perfect representation of Thai elegance and flavor.


Refreshing and revitalizing, our fragrant coconut smoothie is a delightful blend of aromatic, creamy coconut milk with tender coconut flesh, creating a velvety, luscious texture. We add a splash of butterfly pea flower extract to infuse a vibrant blue hue, reminiscent of a sky full of fluffy clouds. It's a visual treat that's equally satisfying for your taste buds. It's a must-capture moment for every photographer.


A fragrant pandan leaf infusion, sweet and captivating, enriched with a gingery kick that tingles at the back of your tongue, awaits you in this intricate and deeply layered pandan leaf concoction. This harmonious refreshing herbal brew holds a sense of excitement. Elevate your experience with the delightful pandan aloe vera jelly, adding a chewy delight unique to "Khao" that we invite you to savor.