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The Distinctive Thai Flavors, Bursting with Freshness, Expertly Prepared with Traditional Techniques, Enriched with Local Thai Herbs and Spices.

Furious Ocean Seafood Platter

A feast of the finest ocean delicacies awaits you. Crispy fried herb-seasoned fish served with a special dipping sauce, grilled prawns, steamed squid with lime, crabs, and freshwater clams, all accompanied by a delectable seafood dipping sauce. This extravagant platter showcases the best flavors from beneath the waves. Pair it with our signature fried sea bass in fish sauce and savor it alongside our unique dipping sauce. Grilled prawns with succulent flesh, steamed squid with zesty lime, steamed crabs, and delicately prepared stuffed sea bass all combine to create an exquisite seafood experience.

Khao’s Signature Pomelo Salad dressed in Creamy Sauce

Enjoy the unique sweet and tangy flavors of our traditional Pomelo Salad with Shrimp. Fresh honey-colored pomelo mixed with a rich, creamy dressing of Thai bird chilies, coconut sugar, lime juice, and coconut milk, sautéed with minced shrimp and chicken. Enhanced with crispy fried garlic and shallots, and topped with tender river prawns. A rare and delightful Thai dish available year-round at Khao.

Thai Crab Omelette

Kai Jeow or Crispy Thai Omelette that may seem ordinary but is far from it. Our journey begins with hand-picked, substantial pieces of crab meat, delicately folded into fresh eggs. We elevate this classic dish by adding the complexity of finely chopped water spinach and red shallots, deep-frying it in a pot. The result is the Kai Jeow that's both crispy on the outside and luxuriously soft with crab meat inside. The fragrant herbs within add an extra layer of flavor. When you taste it, you'll unanimously agree that this essential Thai egg dish is anything but ordinary.

Khao’s Signature Crab Roe Chili Paste

Our Crab Roe Chili Paste, reminiscent of southern Nam Prik Yam, is crafted with special crab roe and traditional ingredients. Without shrimp paste, we blend garlic, chilies, coriander roots, lime, pea eggplants, palm sugar, and fish sauce. The result is a rich, flavorful paste served with crispy fried mackerel, acacia omelette, and fresh vegetables—a harmonious delight on any Thai dining table.

Authentic Tom Yum Goong Soup

One of the dishes that has made Thai cuisine renowned worldwide. Many may think it's a common dish, but in reality, there are few places that present it in its authentic glory. Our restaurant prepares this dish with meticulous care. Our Tom Yum Goong soup is made following traditional recipes without the addition of milk or cream. We use fresh herbs and river prawns, as per the authentic recipe. River prawns have their richness in the head and a unique aroma in their shells. This creates a different kind of freshness compared to the commonly found Tom Yum soup bases today. It might not be as thick as some modern versions, but it is incredibly refined, full of nuances, and exceptionally fresh.

Lamb Massaman Curry

Lamb Massaman Curry is the epitome of aromatic, globally enticing curry that beckons people to savor its rich flavors, making it one of the most delicious dishes in the world. This traditional Massaman curry combines the fragrant spices, creamy coconut milk, and a hint of mild spiciness, balanced with the gentle sweetness of palm sugar. It features the harmonious trio of tamarind juice, salty fish sauce, and the unique aroma of nutmeg and mace. Tender pieces of lamb are stewed to perfection, resulting in meat so tender it practically melts in your mouth. This exquisite curry is typically served steaming hot over fragrant jasmine rice, accompanied by creamy potatoes, sweet shallots, and crunchy roasted peanuts. It's a flavor explosion that resonates throughout your palate.

“Prik Khing Pla Dook Foo” (Fluffy Cat Fish Stir Fry with Chilli and Ginger)

“Prik Khing Pla Dook Foo" is a dish that fulfills every dimension that a Thai dish should have. The first dimension you will encounter is the taste, a perfect balance of sweet, salty, and spicy, which permeates every piece of crispy catfish. The second dimension is the delightful aroma of Thai herbs like kaffir lime leaves that perfectly complement the dish. The final dimension is the sensation you get when you bite into the crispy and fluffy catfish. We've mastered the technique to achieve this unique crispiness and fluffiness. Whether you're looking for a multi-dimensional culinary experience, this dish can only be truly appreciated at our restaurant.

Lotus Root with River Prawn Stir Fry

This dish is a delightful fusion of Thai ingredients and Chinese stir-fry techniques. What makes it so delicious is the combination of Thai staples like cilantro roots, garlic, and black pepper, which are known for adding flavor to any dish. We stir-fry these ingredients together with lotus root and river prawns, creating a perfect blend of aroma and taste. We then incorporate Chinese cooking techniques by adding Chinese cooking wine to enhance the unique aroma of this dish. The stir-frying process ensures that the lotus root maintains its crispness while absorbing all the wonderful flavors. The result is a dish that's not only incredibly tasty but also a harmonious marriage of Thai and Chinese culinary traditions. Enjoy the delightful contrast of textures and flavors!

The Diplomat Noodle Soup

Crispy Fried Noodles with River Prawns, served with our special tangy tamarind sauce, offers a journey back in time to the culinary masterpiece of the King Rama The 5th reign of the Chakri Dynasty. Few have had the privilege to savor this dish that hails from the royal palace kitchens. It's a dish that showcases the expertise of Khun Phasakorn, the mastermind behind it all. The dish begins with impeccably crispy fried noodles, paired with perfectly fried river prawns. What makes it truly exceptional is our unique tamarind sauce. It's a blend of rich and bold flavors that dance harmoniously on your taste buds, with a special twist from "Khao." Our sauce features the distinct tanginess of som saa, a special type of Thai lime highly favored by royalty. This ingredient adds a layer of complexity to the overall taste, creating a balanced flavor profile that is sure to delight your palate.