Khao Restaurant

“KHAO” was founded in 2016, starting as a restaurant that exclusively offered a “Chef’s Table” experience.
Within a year, we were determined to present Thai cuisine in a way that resonates with the Thai people, so we expanded our service to include an a la carte menu. Our extensive menu is what our guests encounter when they visit Khao because we embrace the cultural significance of sharing a meal in Thailand. It means coming together with an open heart, spending quality time, and celebrating diversity in tastes and preferences. Hence, we offer a diverse range of dishes to cater to various palates.
At Khao, “simplicity with meticulous care” is our philosophy, consistently delivering an exciting and memorable dining experience while honoring the essence of everyday life.

Michelin Star

For more than a century, the Michelin Guide has been a testament to the quality of restaurants, awarding stars to those establishments that offer exceptional dining experiences. Receiving a Michelin star is a true mark of excellence, recognizing both the quality of the food and the service that can leave a lasting impression on diners.
At Khao (KHAO), we take immense pride and honor in being acknowledged by the Michelin Guide, which sees the dedication and commitment in preserving the traditional Thai culinary culture. We have been consistently awarded the Michelin star for five consecutive years, starting from 2020 up to the present, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to providing an extraordinary dining experience.


Frequently, people inquire about the type of Thai restaurant Khao is. Each time, we proudly respond that we are a Thai restaurant dedicated to preserving the tradition of Thai cuisine, passed down from generation to generation. We prioritize authenticity over excessive embellishments, meticulously attending to every detail, from ingredient selection to the cooking process, to serve Thai food in its most genuine and recognizable form, true to the original essence of each dish. “Simplicity with meticulous care” defines Thai cuisine at Khao.


Khao Restaurant has been recognized in endless certifications and awards

Because the world craves delicious food, and ‘Khao’ always serves it up. With savory and sweet dishes that speak resoundingly, confirmed by the following accolades


Thailand Favorite Restaurant 2023

As an exceptionally creative restaurant, we were awarded for establishments that drive Thailand’s food industry


An honor and symbol for the finest authentic Thai cuisine restaurants, selected rigorously by the Department of Business Development


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KHAO จัดเสิร์ฟความอร่อยสไตล์ไทยในอาคารยุ้งข้าวเเละฉางเกลือสไตล์โมเดิร์น

By Baan Lae Suan/ ภัทรภร

ชวนชิมอาหารไทยมิชลิน 1 ดาวที่ร้านข้าว เอกมัย

By Sineha Bangkok

Khao (ข้าว) ร้านอาหารไทยร่วมสมัย ในบรรยากาศใหม่ บนถนนวิทยุ

By Gourmet and Cuisine/ ingjira.s