Khao Restaurant

Pradinan Akkarachinores, a partner and executive of the Khao Group, has had a love and connection to Thai cuisine since childhood. Growing up in a family that cooked Thai food with recipes passed down from generation to generation, combined with a personal preference that grew over time, Khun Pradinan developed a passion for studying and exploring various recipes, both Thai and international. She has accumulated over two thousand cookbooks from around the world. Understanding the flavors, origins, and various cooking techniques deepened Khun Pradinan’s passion for food. When the opportunity arose to enter the restaurant industry, she was determined to incorporate her love and passion for food into Khao restaurant, creating a place that truly reflects the essence of Thai cuisine.


The team at Khao Restaurant (KHAO) approaches cooking with meticulous attention to detail and culinary techniques to create the best dishes in each category of Thai cuisine. Every dish is filled with love, care, and a commitment to presenting Thai cuisine that emphasizes the smallest details, setting Khao apart as a leader in Thai cuisine on the global stage.

If you're looking for an authentic Thai restaurant with a diverse menu that caters to various tastes, I want Khao Restaurant (Khao) to be the top choice in your heart. For me, the charm of Thai cuisine lies in the diversity of flavors and textures, as well as the harmonious blend of different tastes. Dining for Thai people means sharing and enjoying meals together. Some may prefer spicy flavors, while others may enjoy the sourness. However, Thai dishes offer a wide variety, allowing us to share our preferences and spend time with our loved ones, even if our tastes differ. This is the beauty of Thai food.